All quiet on the Eastern front


So I guess my hopes that I would create a writing blog and actually update it regularly were rather foolish. Still, maybe now that NaNo is starting soon I will actually find the motivation to keep going. Highly unlikely, but I’ll give it a shot.

Last time I wrote on this blog, Camp NaNo was about to start. I participated in both sessions of camp and won both times. For July, I completely rewrote the first draft of Learning to Lie, my 2010 NaNo novel. That was my first attempt at fantasy (I won’t count HP fanfiction), and it was not what I wanted it to be. I was considering scrapping the entire project, which devastated me as I was planning on writing my first trilogy.

Since the first session of Camp NaNo snuck up on me, I decided to just go ahead and try rewriting LtL. My first draft was terrible, and there were a ton of plot holes I hadn’t managed to fix, but I had a few days before Camp started, so I figured I would do my best and see what happened.

It turns out I actually like the result. My first drafts apparently always need to be thrown out and rewritten completely. I’m currently working on finishing up draft two of Learning to Lie. It’s a little over 60k (will be 62k once I type up the handwritten stuff I have), and it’ll probably be somewhere between 90k and 100k by the time I’m finished with it.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a novel while writing it. I reread and edited everything that I wrote during July, and there were very few parts that I hated. Sure, I added a lot and deleted a few paragraphs and sentences here and there, but it was nothing like my attempt to edit my first draft. For the first draft, practically every page was crossed out, and the word “stupid” was written across everything.

My new goal is to finish draft 2 before NaNo starts. This is going to be difficult since I am working full time, have my boyfriend’s family reunion coming up in two weeks and am taking the GRE tomorrow and have to apply to grad school before NaNo starts (plus I have to plan this year’s NaNo), but it’s not entirely impossible. I just hope I don’t end up killing my wrists before November even starts.



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