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At the end of NaNo each year, a new set of forums show up on the site called “December and Beyond.” One of those forums is The Year of Doing Big, Fun, Scary Things Together. Here, Wrimos can make a list of things they hope to accomplish in the following year. Here’s mind:

-Find a job that doesn’t make me want to murder all those around me.

– Finish the novel I wrote for 50k weekend

-Edit both novels that I finished this NaNo

-Win Script Frenzy

-Win both sessions of Camp NaNo

-Keep a blog going for an entire year, writing at least once a week (if not more)

-Build up a portfolio so I can actually apply for writing jobs

-Read 52 books in 52 weeks

That last one isn’t on my list on the site, but I’m adding it anyway. I saw the link to the challenge on the site, and I thought it sounded like a great idea. I haven’t been reading as much as I used to, and that needs to change. I have a huge stack of unread books on my bookshelf, and I’m probably going to get more for Christmas. I need to start reading again.

In addition to making my “to read” pile smaller, reading more will help improve my writing. The fiction books will help me figure out how best to write the stories I have planned in my head (and how to fix the stories I already have on paper), and the nonfiction books will help me think of new topics to write about to build my portfolio.

My original plan was to read 26 nonfiction books and 26 fiction books. Since my to read list currently consists of 22 fiction books and only 8 nonfiction books, I’m thinking that might not actually happen. Still, I’m going to see how close to that I can get. I used to be up to date on things that were happening in the world. I used to be informed. I want to get to that point again.

The week starts on Sunday. That means that each week (either Saturday or Sunday) I will post a review of the book I have just finished. This should help keep me accountable and provide me a chance to practice writing some book reviews.



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