First round of deletions: complete


I’ve been working on editing the first novel I wrote for NaNo, Tilt Your Head and Smile. At first I was just going to do what I usually do when I edit, which is go through a hard copy and make notes on what I want to delete, what I want to expand on, things like that. I usually try to do big picture editing first, though sometimes I can’t help but fix typos when I see them.

I’m still doing that, but I have also decided to start playing with the program yWriter. It’s a free program created by a fellow Wrimo, and it’s really cool. It lets you keep track of all the scenes in your novel and which characters are in how many scenes and which point of view that scene is told from and all that stuff. It seemed too detailed for me to use when I first wrote the novel, but now that I’m in the editing phase, I’m finding it helpful.

Tonight I finished rereading my first draft. I also now have the entire thing copied into yWriter, and I have made my first round of deletions. I have added a couple lines of dialogue or reflection to certain areas, but for the most part, I’ve just deleted passages that were repetitive or stupid. I knew I would lose a lot of words that way, but I was not prepared for just how many I would lose. My novel went from 103,000 to 79,877.

Yup. I deleted 23,000 words from my novel. That’s almost a quarter of my novel, gone, and I haven’t even fixed all the scenes that are in third person but should be in first (which is about half of my novel).

This is going to take more work than I originally though, I think. I don’t really want to rewrite the entire thing, but I will if that’s the only way. My next step is to sit down and figure out what I want the overall plot to be. It’s litfic, so the plot’s a lot looser than in other genres, but I still need to work on it. That’s my goal for tomorrow: figure out which characters to keep and which parts of the plot to keep and expand on and which parts need to be deleted.



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