Writing Projects

2,000 MILES (working title)
Contemporary NA
Planning in progress

Mr. and Mrs. Daniels agreed to have one kid. Instead, they had twins. Alexis is the daughter they wanted. Annelise is the daughter they’re stuck with, “the other one,” the one that can’t do anything right. Now Annelise has graduated high school and has no idea what to do with her life. Determined to prove that she can, in fact, do something, she decides to hike the entire Appalachian Trail, which stretches for 2,000 miles between Georgia and Maine, and takes about six months to hike. She meets many people along the way who help her realize she might not be so worthless after all.

ALONE- BOOK 1 (working title)
Dystopian YA
Draft 1 complete
70,000 words

In 2017, the Personhood Amendment was passed, defining personhood as lasting from conception until natural death. America is now overcrowded, and most children end up in orphanages or on the streets, receiving little to no education, resources, or love. Seventeen-year-old Lucy has one year left before she is going to be turned out on the street, and she is determined to find a way to make it so that she doesn’t end up homeless. Will she get the scholarship that she needs to ind a future, or will she end up on the streets like everyone else?

ALONE- BOOK 2 (working title)
Dystopian  YA
Draft 1 in progress
Currently 23,000 words

Lucy has managed to make it this far, but then she gets news that her life is in more jeopardy than ever before. Does she have any chance of a future now?

CHOICES (Novella)
Literary apocalypitic NA
Draft 2 complete
28,000 words

Bath salts + flesh eating viruses = zombies.  Marcus just wants to take care of his wife and baby, but the zombie apocalypse makes that rather difficult. His family and his college friends must stick together to outlive the zombies. But people have secrets, secrets that threaten to tear their group apart. Can they stay together and manage to fight off the zombies? And what happens when a simple trip to the grocery store turns deadly?

Contemporary YA
Draft 1 complete
48,000 words

All 17-year-old Adelyn Carter wants to do is decide which college to attend. When her parents tell her they must attend her aunt’s wedding, her new goal is just to survive the trip. Can she leave with her sanity intact, or will a secret from her past tear her family apart?

Contemporary YA
Draft 2 complete
49,000 words

Maggie Fitts – or “Doesn’t Fitts,” as she’s referred to at school – is determined to lose weight, for real this time. But then her parents give her news that makes concentrating on a diet almost impossible. Will the cute new neighbor strengthen her resolve, or will she realize that sometimes there are more important things than losing weight?

Draft 1 in progress
Currently 51,000 words

Ricky has been the favorite son for as long as Luke can remember. When their parents divorce, Ricky goes with their father, Evan, and Luke goes with their mother, Elle. Flash forward 15-20 years, and Ricky (now going by the name God) has taken over their father’s business of ruling over the out-lying planets. The story follows Luke’s life of trying to understand why Ricky is loved by all of his ‘subjects’ (whom he tortures on a regular basis for his own amusement) while Luke is bedeviled for simply trying to make everyone see that Ricky is nothing but a spoiled child who doesn’t deserve the job he has.

YA Fantasy
Draft 3 in planning stages
114,000 words

Ecarami and Dal es Tedim have been at war for nearly a decade. As election season approaches, a well-known conspiracy theorist is murdered, and young Kali is the only person who saw it happen. With the help of her best friend and a mysterious man covered in blood, Kali must discover why the man was murdered…before his murderer finds her.

LET GO (formerly Keep Going)
Contemporary NA
Draft 2 complete
74,000 words

Samantha, Natalie, and Chloe are college seniors, trying to make it through their last year and various jobs with their sanity intact. Chloe’s constantly singing and smiling, determined to make life as happy as possible. Samantha just wants to be left alone. Natalie tries to bridge the gap between them. As Natalie gets more and more absorbed in her new boyfriend, though, Chloe and Samantha have only each other for company, and they learn more about each other and discover that they’re not as different as they thought.

NA Romance
Draft 1 in progress
Currently 65,000 words

Emelyn Baker has been drifting through life, accepting whatever comes her way. When her boyfriend of two years breaks up with her and she doesn’t care, she realizes she’s been settling for too long. The time has come to finally go after the sort of relationship she has always wanted, to find someone who challenges her and gives her the sort of life she has secretly yearned for. Will she finally get what she has always wanted, or will her fear and insecurities get in her way?

Literary NA
Draft 3 complete
106,000 words

April Trindles did everything she was supposed to do. She got a full scholarship to a good university. She graduated college early and with honors. So why is that she’s stuck at home with no job while every loser she knew in high school can find a job? Has she wasted three years of her life, or will she be able to find a job and get off her parents’ couch?

Last updated: August 5, 2013

  1. I LOVE the premise for 2,000 miles. LOVE.

    • Thanks!!! That’s the one that I’m currently planning. I meant to work on another project after my current one, but 2,000 Miles just keeps calling to me. 🙂

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