Successes and failures

This has been an interesting month. Judging solely on words, I failed spectacularly. I wrote approximately 33,000 words, which puts me 17,000 words behind where I should have been. I think part of my problem is that my daily word count dropped from 3k to 1.7k, which made me feel like I could get away with skipping a few days. I probably could have caught back up had my boyfriend and I not started watching Chuck this weekend. We’ve watched season one and a few episodes of season 2 so far. It’s hard to write when I’m trying to concentrate on a new show, so I haven’t written anything for a few days (except for tonight).

The good news is that l have several ideas for short stories that I hadn’t had before. I used to really enjoy writing short stories for my fiction classes, but I’ve been so focused on writing novels that I haven’t had time. The past few days, I’ve been spending most of my commute thinking about different stories. The one I’m working on now is called A Departure, and it’s a little over 3k right now. I’m about 3/4 of the way through my outline, and I’m really enjoying discovering more about my characters. I also have two more short stories that are partly outlined (at least in my head), and there’s one I wanted to write in college that I never got around to rewriting, so I think I’ll work on that this next month.

Which brings me to my new goal for March: I will write 1k a day. This will make up for the 17k I didn’t write this month and still get me ahead of my yearly goal, as my original goal was to just outline novels this month. I’m still going to do that, but I will also try to all these short stories written. Including A Departure I have four short stories I want to write this month. I also want to try to finish upThe Story of Emthis month. I still need to work on that outline a bit first, but I’m hoping I can get that worked out in the next few days.

I’m a bit worried because we’re starting the busy time of work, but I’m going to try to force myself to write every day, no matter how tired I am. I can write 1k in 15 minutes when I’m focused and know what I want to write, so this shouldn’t be a difficult task. Besides, I’ve won NaNo before when I had to work full time. I can surely write 31k in a month while working 40 plus hours a week.

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