Book 12: Through the Grinder (Coffeehouse Mystery #2) by Cleo Coyle

Title: Through the Grinder
Author: Cleo Coyle
Page Count: 220-ish
F/NF Fiction
Genre Mystery

Rating: 8/10

When Clare’s daughter starts trying different methods of dating, Clare can’t help but sign up as well, wanting to make sure that her daughter is safe. At one such venue, she meets Bruce Bowman – smart, handsome, rich, and a huge fan of her coffee. He’s everything she didn’t realize she had been looking for, so she is understandably devastated when Detective Mike Quinn tells her that Bruce is the prime suspect in the death of three young women. Will Clare be able to find enough evidence to prove him innocent, or is Bruce the very man she’s fighting so hard to prove he isn’t?

I was completely unsurprised to discover who the murderer was, but I still really enjoyed this book. There was a series of chapters near the end where I was on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what was going to happen. I also feel like this book is a bit more emotional than the last. It helps that we already know the characters and can thus watch some of their relationships develop.

There were a few drawbacks to this book, though. For one, a lot of the information is repeated from the previous books. I’ve discovered that this is a series you can read out of order (though you’ll understand more of the backstory if you read in order, so I recommend doing that), which means that you get the same information again and again with each book you read. I guess this might be helpful if a long time had passed between readings, but since I read the second one the day after I read the first one, I didn’t really need the refresher. Also, I’m tired of reading about how amazing Clare’s C-cup breasts are. She’s short and shapely. We get it. We don’t need to keep hearing about it.

That said, I still really enjoyed this book. It was even better than the first one. I also like continuing to learn about coffee. A lot of that information is repeated, as well, but you learn new things with each book, and I’m curious to try the recipes posted at the end of the book.

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