Versatile Blogger Award

I’m honored to say that the kind The Hollywood Virgin has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I’ve seen a lot of wonderful bloggers get this award (including the person who nominated me, so go check out that blog!), but I never thought that anyone would consider my blog worthy enough to join the list. I’m touched.

For anyone who doesn’t know, here are the rules of the award:

1.  Thank the person who gave you this award. (Check)

2.  Include a link to that person’s blog. (Check – just click on the name above!)

3. Nominate 15 other blogs for this award. (See below)

4. Share 7 things about yourself. (Check – see below)


First, the blogs –

This will be the difficult part, as I don’t follow that many blogs. Instead of looking up random blogs in an attempt to reach 15, I’ve decided I’m just going to share the blogs that I frequent the most. These are the blogs that inspire me to keep writing when I’m feeling down, or blogs that provide me with delicious-looking recipes to try when I’m taking a break from writing.

(Mostly) Writing blogs:
Word Flows
Novel Ideas
Of a Writerly Sort

(Mostly) Cooking blogs:
La Vie En Vegan
Vegan Lovelie


And now for the 7 things about myself –

1. The first story I remember writing, written when I was 7, was called “The Very First Pet Leopard.” It was about a family who goes camping, reunites with the MC’s long-lost twin brother (whom she recognizes after he shows her a baby picture he conveniently carries around with him), and finds a leopard that they take home with them. It’s horrible, but it amuses me read.

2. The first story I ever rewrote was “Card Games,” when I was ten. It was about a girl whose father gambles her away in a game of poker. The first draft was 14 pages long. The next was 40-something. I also then wrote it as a 98-page screenplay when I was thirteen. The story’s a bit better than the one mentioned above, but not by much.

3. I love the cold. I spent the first eight years of my life in New York, and I spent my three college years in Minnesota. I miss it terribly. This Georgia heat is going to kill me one of these days.

4. I’m horrible in social situations. I barely talk when there are more than two other people with me, and if I do, I feel nervous the entire time. I can spend hours sitting and listening to people talk, though, and be just fine with that.

5. I’m trying to make the transition from meat-eater to vegan. Currently, I’m a vegetarian who sometimes eats vegan, and it’s working well. I don’t miss meat at all. However, I don’t try to make anyone feel guilty for what they eat. I won’t judge what anyone else eats as long as no one else judges what I eat.

6. I’ve tried to learn to knit several times now. I own two sets of needles and two balls of yarn. I can’t figure it out. I got several rows once that actually looked good, but that was when my boyfriend’s brother started it for me. I can’t start it, and I’ve since given up. It was rather sad.

7. I’ve always wanted a kitten, but my mother hates cats, so that’s never been an option. My boyfriend and I have already decided that whenever we’re able to get our own place, we’re going to get at least one kitten. Maybe more. Can you be a crazy cat lady if you have a significant other? Because if so, that’ll be me. 😀


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