Weekend update

I meant to update more this week, but I was away on vacation. We went up Lake Hartwell for the week with my parents, sister, and her friends. I thought we’d have Internet, but something happened to router, and we ended up spending the week wifi-free. It was rather upsetting, but there wasn’t much we could do about it. I was sad that I missed the Camp NaNo midnight countdown in our regional chat, but I did get to spend a few hours before midnight in front of an actual campfire, so I consider that good enough.

I didn’t write as much on this trip as I wanted to, but I still accomplished enough that I don’t feel the need to punish myself in some way. I wrote 3,933 words on the first day of Camp. I wrote 1,014 words on day 2 and 778 words on day 3. I would have written more today (well, technically yesterday), except I got a horrible headache right after we got back from the lake. We were supposed to leave Monday morning, but since I was in so much pain and we didn’t have any medicine (and since it was the last night anyway), we decided to just go back early. I spent the rest of the time packing up and driving back home.

My current Camp NaNo word count is therefore 5,725 words.  I’m only 725 words ahead of schedule for 50,000 words, but I’ll take it. Hopefully tomorrow I can get back on track for 100,000 words and can get into the main part of my novel.

I’m currently working some more on Degeneration – my Script Frenzy screenplay. I thought writing it as a screenplay first would help me get the plot down, but now I’m afraid it works better as a screenplay than a novel. I’m also worried because I’m at the part in the story that was so hard to write last time – the part where we get to meet Addison’s family and start to understand why she was so reluctant to go back and see them.

It wasn’t until I sat down to work on the outline for the novel that I realized the entire story basically takes place within two days (save for the opening and closing scenes). It’s hard to find good chapter breaks when all of Friday evening takes place in one scene, but I’m working on it. My goal tomorrow is to  finish writing Friday night – or at least make it until dinner Friday night. That would get through the first round of introductions and the first big fight.


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  1. Sounds like you’ve made decent progress. At least you’re ahead of schedule and not behind.

    • This is very true! 🙂 Congrats on all the writing you’ve done so far, by the way! I think I’ve finally caught back up on all the blog entries I couldn’t read while I was away. Haha!

      • Probably took a while. I seem to write a lot on all fronts, looks, notes, outlines and blog. A torrent of words. It’s a wonder I have any left to talk with. Thanks 🙂

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