Book 18: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Title: Mistborn
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Page Count: 643
F/NF: Fiction
Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 9/10


What happens when the hero of prophecy fails?

The world is covered with ash and ruled over by the Lord Ruler, who has squashed every rebellion attempt and cannot be killed. Yet there is one man who dares stand up to the Lord Ruler, one man who has a plan to kill the Lord Ruler and take back the world. With the help of his thieving crew and a street urchin with more power than she understands, he just might have what it takes to take back the Final Empire.

Okay, that was perhaps the worst summary I’ve written so far, but it’s hard to write a good summary when the perfect summary is already on the back of the book. I highly recommend this book. It’s the first of the Mistborn trilogy, written by the man who took over writing The Wheel of Time series. I must say that after reading this book, I can understand why he was chosen to finish that series. I found this book a thoroughly entertaining and thought-provoking book. It was a bit slow in the beginning, but still interesting. I wanted to learn more about Kelsier and Vin from the start, and the more I read the more I couldn’t put the book down. I read the last 150 pages today, and I’m looking forward to starting the next book in the series. This will definitely be a series that I will reread in the future.

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  1. I just finished the trilogy a month ago and have needed time to breathe after that. They’re fantastic books, and I’m looking forward to digging into the feast of his catalogue.

  2. I really enjoyed the Mistborn series, and liked The Alloy of Law even better. It’s short(er), fast-paced and funny in places. It felt a bit like a western novel set on the Mistborn world.

    • I’m so glad you mentioned The Alloy of Law! I first bought this series for my boyfriend’s father, and I was thinking of getting him that book for his birthday this year but wasn’t sure if it stacked up to the Mistborn series. I think I’ll get it now. Thanks! 😀 And thanks for commenting!

      • The Alloy of Law has a different feel than the other Mistborn books, and it’s not on the same epic scope, but it’s a fun visit back to the Mistworld planet a bit later in time. I liked it 🙂

  3. Zachary A. Stay

    Random Fact- RJ’s editor was the one who chose the new author for WoT, and she was only 45 pages in to Mistborn before deciding he was the one.

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