“Afternoons and mornings, I threw them all away…”

My summer is coming to an end, and I suddenly feel as if I have wasted all of my time off. I got a text from my team lead today seeing if I was coming back to work in the fall. I, of course, am coming back. It’s the only job I have, and it’s not exactly like it’s that difficult. Besides, it often leaves with free time between classes, so it’s actually a great job to write at, especially now that I have my Nook and can write/edit while away from my computer.

I also got into grad school. I found out a few days ago and am waiting for my admission packet to show up in the mail. Classes start August 20. I’ll be working on my Masters of Arts in Teaching degree with a focus on Secondary English … which basically means that two years from now, I should be certified to teach high school language arts, assuming everything goes to plan. I’m excited to be going back to school, although I’m starting to realize that I’ve decided to take on rather a lot this fall. I’ll be waking up around 4-6 a.m., working from 6 a.m. until 2-4 p.m., and then I’ll have classes three days a week from 5-8 p.m. Plus, there’s NaNo in November, and I have already volunteered to help the Atlanta MLs run the Adopt-a-Newbie program. Fortunately, work tends to slow down towards the end of October, but still…I’ll be rather busy.

That’s part of why I’ve been working on Keep Going so much. I still don’t really like that title, but I’m going to keep it for now, if only because it’s less pretentious than its original title, Ascendance. I’ve been trying to learn from my mistakes, and I think I finally know what I should be doing. I always start out with these great ideas for what my stories should include, and then I get to writing and forget about them. I’m hoping that having a more detailed outline will help with that. My current outline is six pages and a little over 4,000 words long. I also have six and a half more pages of notes on events and characters. My outline is separated by month, with subsections in each month for each of my three main characters.

My next step is turn that outline into a chapter outline. A lot of it should just be copy and pasting from my month outline, but I’m also going to try to work on transitions and filling in a few of the plot holes that I still I have. Most of the plot holes have already been fixed, but there are still a few that I need to work on. Hopefully I can finish that up this week. I’m torn between waiting until the August edition of Camp NaNo starts and going ahead and starting now, before work starts, when I have more free time to write. I guess I’ll wait to make that decision until I actually have a finished outline.

[Subject title comes from the song “Time” by Chantal Kreviazuk.]

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