17 days until NaNoWriMo!

Less than three weeks until NaNo! I still don’t have complete outlines for either of the novels that I plan on writing, but I have a much better idea of where I want them to go, so that’s something. I’m actually looking forward to working more on the contemporary YA one than the dystopian one. I still really love that idea and want to write it, but I don’t have as much of the plot figured out on that one. I think there’s just so much stuff going on in that one that it’s hard to make it all fit, and there are certain things that I need to figure out before I start writing.

My right wrist is also currently in a brace. I finally went to the doctor, and they think it’s the early stages of carpal tunnel. Not happy about that, especially with NaNo right around the corner. The good news is that they’ve taken me off the camera at work and made me a helper, so I’m not putting new strain on my hand/wrist. I have to go back to the doctor on Oct. 26 – I’m hoping it will have gotten at least a little better by then.

Sundays I’m hosting a write-in at a little coffee shop near campus, and several people have already said they’re planning to attend, so that’s exciting. I’ve also matched up one newbie with a mentor so far. We have five other newbies and twelve other mentors signed up, but I’m waiting to see if any better matches show up first.

As far as school is concerned, I’ve done all of the assignments that I can do at this point. The rest I have to wait for further instruction. Well, at least for one of my classes. The other class involves a bunch of group work, so I have to wait and see what the other members of my group has come up with. It looks like I really will have most of November wide open, which means I will have plenty of time to write. As long as people are in the chatroom having word wars, this should be simple.

Now I just need to finish those outlines!


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  1. There’s plenty of time to finish the outlines, especially with how far ahead you are in your school work. I’ll say, you’re more ambitious than I am, trying to do 2 novels for NaNo. I’d suggest getting through the outlining one at a time though. Pick one, get the outline completed of that one before you do the outline of the other. That way you’ll be able to concentrate and really feel that book while you’re doing it. Can’t wait until NaNo’s here 😀

    • You’re definitely right about writing one outline at a time. I think I have a really good feel for one of the novels. I have a list of plot points right now and am working on finishing up the outline either tonight or tomorrow. I’ll probably do a blog post about it soon. And November’s the only time I’m this productive, so I have to try to get as much writing in as possible. 🙂

      • But it doesn’t have to all occur in November. You can do your own NaNo any time. Just grab a spreadsheet and track your progress, set goals and meet or beat them. If you try to do too much in one month, you risk burning yourself out and requiring months to recover.

      • I’ve tried. I have a huge spreadsheet for the year, broken into months, with all of the novels I wanted to work on this year. That’s when I failed -when I tried to keep it going for such a large amount of time. Last year I wrote over 200k for NaNo, took December off to reread one of the novels I wrote, and then rewrote it in January.

        I’m still at that point where I need outside motivation. It’s pathetic but true. During a word war, I can write 1k in 15 minutes. Left on my own, I’d probably be lucky to write 500. I think November’s the only real time I can ignore my inner editor. 🙂

      • Wow, okay, that’s a bit more advance planning than I do. I just pull my own NaNo when I’m ready, as I’m ready. And it’s not pathetic to admit the truth. That actually takes guts. As long as you’re not burning yourself out, then go to. You know my philosophy. Whatever works for you. 🙂

      • Haha. Thanks! My goal is to eventually write like you and be able to write my own NaNo whenever I’m ready to write another book. For now, though, this way seems to be working. 🙂

      • My way works for me. It might not work for your. Everyone has their own way. As long as you write and you get to the end, do what works.

  2. Well…I’m ahead of you on the outlines, but not on the schoolwork. I have a good outline for my first English paper but have yet to write it, and I read the poems for the second but have yet to outline it…I should really get a move-on, especially since now I’ll have this job at Lane Bryant, too.

    • Good luck with your work, both school and the job! It’s hard trying to juggle everything at once! I’m jealous of people who can do all three at once. I’ve really only ever been really good at doing two at once, which probably explains why I haven’t gotten much writing done this semester. Haha.

      I have faith in you, though! Good luck with your papers. Hopefully they won’t require too much of your time. At the very least I hope you enjoy the subject! 🙂

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