Day 1 Recap

As many of you probably know, I was attempting to write all 50,000 words required to win NaNoWriMo yesterday. I failed. I was doing really well for the first four hours. By 4, I had written 10k. Then I napped for 15-30 minutes, woke up, and wrote some more. Up until about 7:30, I was on track to win.

And then I took a nap.

That was really my downfall. See, I meant to sleep for an hour. I somehow managed to sleep for four. I woke up around 11:45 and just lost motivation. I spent a lot of time staring at the screen, thinking of how stupid my novel was. I guess that was to be expected. I had hit the week 2 word counts, which is when most people start to question their novels. I had hoped that I was writing fast enough to avoid that, but it seems that’s not the case. Week 2 catches up to you whenever you’re hitting it. Even if it’s noon on day one.

I tried to get back on track after that. I really did. But then I had to go pick up my mother because her car broke down, and I lost half an hour of writing time. That half an hour shouldn’t have mattered, but it did. I found it hard to concentrate after that. I started to spend more time in the Atlanta and Overachiever chatrooms. I watched two episodes of Masterchef Australia. I caught up on some of my forum reading. I just did not want to go back to that novel.

I eventually managed to finish the “novel,” which I put in quotes because it was only 30,531 words. That’s a great amount of words to write in one day – more than I’ve ever managed to write before. But it’s a crappy amount for a novel, which is all right because it was kind of a crappy novel. I really like the beginning of it, but it sort of went downhill after a while. I thought that I was being clever, writing a novel that I didn’t really care about for 50k day. I thought it would help if I wasn’t as emotionally invested, since I wouldn’t care if it was horrible.

As it turns out, that was horrible logic. True, I didn’t care as much if I wrote something I knew was horrible, but I also didn’t care if I wrote anything at all after a while. Perhaps if I had written one of the novels I cared about, I could have written more. That is what I’m taking away from this. Next year, if I attempt this again (which I will unless I have other responsibilities that day), I will make sure I’m writing a novel I care about – and a novel that should last way more than 50k. For the curious – I was working on the zombie novel, which is now titled Choices even though I don’t think anyone except maybe my boyfriend will ever read it. 🙂

I still had a lot of fun. I know a lot of people who actually did hit 50k. I know even more who didn’t hit it but still wrote more words than they’d ever managed to write before. I have three newbies in my region, and two of them managed to write more than the daily goal. I’m so proud. This year’s NaNo is going to be awesome.

And now, if you’ll excuse me – I really should get back to writing. 😀

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  1. Oh my…. Wow. I think what you managed is amazing! Just reading about it makes me start to break out in a panic sweat. 30+k in ONE DAY! Alright, so some people managed to write more (how? HOW?) but as you said, it’s more than you ever wrote in one day and that’s something to be really proud of! Well done!
    (also, I’m sure that after November you could always go back to this story and fix it up and change it around and and just generally coax it out of being “crappy”)

    • Haha. Thanks! I’m hoping that it’s not quite as horrible as I’m imagining it is. I still like the idea of it. I think I just needed more of a plan. I was trying to pants a novel for once. Although I will say I did make some connections that I wouldn’t have thought of beforehand. 😀

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