Character Monday: Samantha Carson (LET GO)

Aside from my Writer’s Voice entry, I haven’t written that much about writing lately, and I’ve decided that that needs to change. One of my favorite things about reading other writers’ blogs is learning about their characters and imagining how fun it will be to finally be able to read those characters’ stories once their book is published. Plus, it’s always fun to see what other people are working on.

That’s why I’ve decided to make Mondays “Character Mondays.” Each Monday, I’m going to share a bit about one of the characters I’m working with. This should be helpful for me because it will force me to make sure that I really understand all of my characters, and I’m hoping it’ll make my blog more interesting for those of you who are tired of having most of my posts be book reviews.

Since I’m currently reading through CP notes for my novel LET GO, I’m going to start with the main character from that one.

Name: Samantha Carson

Age:22, turns 23 halfway through the novel

Appearance: Tall, medium build with black hair that’s cut to her shoulders. Always dresses in business attire.

Background: Samantha was born in New York. Her dad died when she was little, and her mother dated a string of losers after that. Samantha left as soon as she could and never looked back. She’s currently in her last year at the University of Minnesota, where she’s studying to become an accountant.

Personality: Samantha generally has a scowl on her face, and the world at large annoys her. She doesn’t like to waste time, and she hates smiling/happy people. She has a good heart, though, and her roommates are doing their best to make sure that that part of her shines through.

Why you should want to read her story:
Samantha’s “I hate the world” façade is starting to break. She’s forced to interact with Chloe, her incessantly happy new roommate, and she finds herself confronted with feelings that she’s tried her best to suppress for the last decade. If she’s ever going to be able to live a happy, normal life, she’s going to have to learn how to let go of the past. If only that were as easy as it sounds.

And, because I always make playlists for my characters, I’ve decided to share the five songs that best fit Samantha (even though she would probably never listen to most of them).

Samantha’s Playlist:
1. This Grudge by Alanis Morissette
Who’s it hurting now?
Who’s the one left stuck?
Who’s it torturing now…

2. Leave Home by Driveblind
We save ourselves
because no one else will…

3. Stand My Ground by Within Temptation
Stand my ground
I won’t give in
No more denying
I’ve got to face it…

4. Never Too Late by Three Days Grace
The world we knew
Won’t come back
The time we’ve lost
Can’t get back…

5. Saved by The Spill Canvas
I am unraveling
Unbearbly empty
And if this ground gives way
I just hope that you’ll catch me…

If you want to join in on Character Monday, feel free! Just click on the link below and add your name and/or the name of your blog, plus a link to your post so everyone else can check it out, too! 


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  1. I love your book reviews! >.>

    Character Monday is a great idea! I should do that. I haven’t blogged in a long time (or written…).

    • I’m glad you like my book reviews!

      And yeah, I haven’t been all the productive lately, either. That’s why I’m hoping this will help keep me on track. 🙂

  2. I am probably down for Character Monday, too. Especially today, when I need a blog post and don’t have a topic…

    Also, especially if this becomes regular, I will be frequently linking the blog posts for those doing this. Because linking is good!

    • Linking is definitely a good idea! I hadn’t really thought anyone else would participate,so I didn’t have anything set up.

      Were you just going to make a list of people participating, or were you going to use a link widget?

      • I don’t even know what a link widget is, but it sounds fun! I just linked you two in the text of my entry.

      • Okay, the link widgets are confusing me, and I think you have to pay to be able to use the one I was thinking of. So never mind that for now. Maybe I’ll look into it more another day. For now I’ll just link to you two and be done with it. 🙂

      • I may or may not count as paid, so I can look into it when I get home. Would the widget be in the post, or on a bar to the side or something?

      • The one I was thinking of is in the post, and people can type in their information, and it links them up in a list. Most people I’ve seen use Mister Linky, but it could be something else, too. Doesn’t really matter.

        Of course, right now there’s just three of us doing this, so it might not really be worth all the hassle. 🙂

  3. I think I’ll be giving it a try. Can’t hurt, right?

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