Character Monday: Lucy Higgins (ALONE)

Character Monday is something I came up with one night when I was supposed to be editing. Each Monday, we share one of our characters with the world. This character can be from any of your stories – past, present future – as long as it’s an original character. You can share as much or as little about your character as you’d like!

I might have forgotten to do this last Monday (okay, fine – I really did forget), but I’m not going to forget this week! I figured I’d share with you all the main character from the dystopian trilogy I was talking about last time.

Name: Lucy Higgins

Novel: Alone (working title) trilogy

Age: 18

Appearance: Average height. Medium brown hair that comes down to her shoulders. Blue eyes. Chubby but undernourished.

Background: Lucy was raised by her grandmother for the first 10 years of her life. When her grandmother died, Lucy was fortunate enough to get a spot in one of the region’s orphanages. There, she befriends Heather, Max, and Max’s little sister Rosalie. Lucy’s the only one who experienced the love of an adult, and it’s that love and encouragement that gives her the will to keep fighting – though she doesn’t realize just how beneficial that was just yet.

Personality: Lucy’s not usually one to cause trouble. She’s too focused on doing well in school and earning a slot in the Exxmart Motors Lottery. If she can win that, she can get a spot at one of the colleges, which is the only way she has a chance at living a decent life. She’s also very caring and loving, though. She worries about her friends. She just can’t let that love and worry override her own will to live and succeed. If she can help everyone, great. If not, she has to find a way to save herself.

Why you should want to read her story: Lucy was born into a horrible world. Thousands of people die from heat stroke and disease each year. Women wear ID bracelets that light up the minute they become pregnant, after which point they’re not allowed to eat or do anything that might cause a miscarriage – because if they do have a miscarriage, they’re going to jail for involuntary manslaughter. The poor have two options: enter an apprenticeship program where you get a job and college but will be lucky to make ends meet for the rest of your life or join the military, which pays more money upfront but will quite possibly get you killed. And Lucy’s going to try to change all of that…eventually.

Goals for Book 1:
1. Earn a spot in the Lottery.
2. Win the Lottery and earn a spot at the prestigious Etherton Heights University.
3. Make sure Max, Heather, and Rosalie survive.
4. Don’t get kicked out of Etherton Heights, assuming she makes it that far.
5. Don’t get pregnant.

1. “We Are” by Ana Johnsson
See the devil on the doorstep now (my oh my)
Telling everybody oh just how to live their lives
Sliding down the information highway
Buying in just like a bunch of fools
Time is ticking and we can’t go back (my oh my)

2. “Let Them Eat War” by Bad Religion
From the force to the union shops
The war economy is making new jobs
But the people who benefit most
Are breaking bread with their benevolent hosts
Who never stole from the rich to give to the poor
All they ever gave to them was a war
And a foreign enemy to deplore

3. “Is It Any Wonder?” by Keane
Oh, these days
After all the misery you made
Is it any wonder that I feel afraid?
Is it any wonder that I feel betrayed?

4. “911 for Peace” by Anti-Flag
This is a plea for peace (world peace)
To the oppressors of the world and to
To the leaders of nations, corporate profit takers,
to the every day citizen
Greed, envy, fear, hate – the competition has to stop.

5. “God Thinks” by Voltaire
God thinks all people like you are evil
God thinks all people like you are an embarrassment to creation
Self-righteous, judgmental, first to throw the stone
And use His name for your own agenda

I’m still in the process of figuring out more about Lucy and the world she lives in, but I think this is a good representation of what I have so far.

Want to participate in Character Monday? Just write a post on your own blog and then click on the linky below and share the link to the post so the rest of us can learn about your awesome character!


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