Character Monday

Character Monday is something I came up with one night when I was supposed to be editing. Each Monday, we share one of our characters with the world. This character can be from any of your stories – past, present, or future – as long as it’s an original character. You can share as much or as little about your character as you’d like!

Some suggestions for information to include:
Physical description
Background information
What would his/her Twitter bio say?
Playlist (either what your character would listen to or songs that remind you of your character)

Don’t forget to mention the story the character appears in, as well! 🙂 Just link up to the most recent Character Monday post and check out the other posts!

My Character Monday Posts:
Samantha Carson (from LET GO)
Chloe Dennison (from LET GO)
Natalie Hurst (from LET GO)
April Trindles (from TILT YOUR HEAD AND SMILE)

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